Disciplinary/Conduct & Performance Management


Managing poor conduct and performance is crucial for any business and it is vital that this is carried out in a fair, consistent manner and in line with statutory legislations. Getting it wrong can be damaging and costly for you and your business. At Morethan HR solutions we can support you (or act on behalf of your business) to ensure matters are dealt with correctly and also ensure that relevant documentation is provided and communicated. Get in touch with us and let us deal with your staffing problems and find the right solution.

Maternity, Paternity and Parental Leave


We will be able to help business owners ensure that these matters are handled correctly and fairly. Small business owners may not have all the details immediately available and employment laws are constantly changing. At MoreThan HR solutions we will provide up to date knowledge and advice to you and your employees.

Redundancy & Restructure Procedures

It is obviously a difficult time when any employee or business is facing the need for redundancies or restructures. Getting the communication and procedures wrong can be very costly and damaging for any business and it is therefore vital that matters are handled with care and in line with the current statutory legislations. At MoreThan HR we will support businesses to carry out a redundancy procedure by taking you through the step by step process and ensure that all documentation is provided to employees in a fair and concise manner. Get in touch and let us deal with these challenging times.

MoreThan HR solutions

There is much, much more that we can offer business. We understand that every business is unique and has its own challenges. We can use our wealth of experience to see how any of our solutions can be beneficial to you. We can assist with implement KPI’s into your workforce to help improve business growth, we can review your commission structures and agreements to help with business sales. You can allow us to review your internal business systems so we can help identify more efficient and effective ways of your staff working. Let us use our experience to help you have absolute peace of mind that your HR strategy is getting maximum return.

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