HR Audit


As part of our audit we shall spend some time on site to get to understand your business as well as review the HR documentation that you have in place. We will be able to provide a written report of what you have in place and make recommendations of where you may not be compliant as well as some best practices that you may wish to consider to help add value. Typically a report will involve 3 hours onsite and three hours offsite (subject to the size of the business).

Role Play / Assessment centres


Candidates may be able to ‘talk the talk’ but can they ‘walk the walk!’ Role plays are a great way to put candidates in a fictitious situation which allows them to perform the key job responsibilities that you are looking for. It can be a great way to highlight customer service skills, rapport building, telephone standards, sales abilities and presentation skills to name a few. Let us know what your objective is and we shall be able to find a role play solution to suit your needs.

Job Advertisements


Adverts need to be legally compliant but at the same time need to sell the role and the company in order to attract the very best applicants. It is vital that you spend time highlighting the key features and benefits. There are many different forms of advertising whether online, paper, WOM, social media, all have pros and cons. Speak to us today and we can understand your needs and help you find the right solution for your personal circumstances and business.



MoreThan HR has extensive experience within the recruitment industry and we understand it is vitally important for small businesses not to waste valuable time and money on poor recruitment processes. We also work closely with Preferred Suppliers who specialise in SME recruitment and we shall be able to offer you various recruitment solutions whether it is on a ‘no win-no fee’ system or a competitive up-front commitment fee. We are sure that our solution will save you time, money and give you absolute peace of mind.



Do you find yourself interviewing lots of candidates without having a structured and systematic way of selecting the best candidates? Interviewing is crucial to select applicants who have the right skills for the job to be undertaken. Steps can be introduced to ensure that your time is effective and we shall also be happy to undertake pre-screening telephone interviews or even undertake interviews on your behalf. This means that you only need to see the very best candidates allowing you to do what you do best and get on with your job.



Testing candidates is a great cost-effective way of identifying the very best candidates. There are over 500 tests that can be made available, at a very competitive rate, which allows you to further filter candidates without investing a huge amount of your time. Testing does not only need to be for potential new candidates – but it can also be a great way of identifying training and development needs of existing staff to progress their own abilities which will, in turn, support staff retention and satisfaction. Contact us and see what we can do for your business.

Job Role Analysis


Before rushing in to replace a member of staff who may have resigned, take an opportunity to review the current and future needs of the business. It may be an opportunity to restructure your teams and offer existing staff further opportunities. It could also be a chance to run a time and motion study and look at different ways of working which could be more efficient and effective. Outsourcing some aspects of the role could also be a consideration. Speak to us today and we can review other HR solutions for your business.

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