Contract of Employment


Contracts are the absolute foundation of any employer and employee relationship. Businesses without staff contracts could find themselves in difficulty as it is a basic legal requirement. If you are looking to sell your business at some time in the future you could find it devalues your business by not having such basic documentation in place. At MoreThan HR solutions we shall be able to provide you with a suitable contract for you and your staff. We will provide a consultative approach to ensure that it provides you with all the cover applicable to your business as well as complying with up to date employment legislations. Contact us today for an easy solution to get Contracts in place for your business.

Job Specifications


Are your staff accountable for all the key responsibilities within your business? Do you review these responsibilities regularly? Having clear job specifications within your business can be a great way to ensure that every aspect of your business is accounted for. It can also be a great way to help structure your performance management programme to identify who has greatly achieved or under performed. Speak to us today and we will help implement a solution tailored to your needs.

Handbooks – Policies and Procedures


Can also be referred to as a procedures manual. This is a sure way to give your business clear written guidance and procedures on over 70 different policies. It gives your staff peace of mind that you have systems in place and it allows your managers to be supported with clear business systems. Handbooks will be customised to suit your business and will allow you to have documentation in place to help the everyday running of your business.

Settlement Agreements


Settlement Agreements are a legally binding written agreement which is mutually agreed between the employee and employer. They can also be used to resolve an ongoing workplace dispute. If handled incorrectly by either the employer or employee it can be very damaging. Let us act in an impartial way and help remedy a situation as well as draw up all the necessary documentation. Get in touch and see how our solution could suit you.


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