Staff and Business Performance Management


Staff Benefits


Salaries are obviously important but employees tend to want to know what else is classed as their total reward package. There are many different forms of staff benefits and not all of them need to be costly. Speak to us and we will work with you and your business to find a selection of benefits that could help you retain and attract the very best people to your business.

Probation review


Reviewing a staff member’s performance is very important and is normally the first time that you get an opportunity to have a structured conversation to feedback on their performance. It is also an opportunity for you to reinforce your expectations and set clear goals. We can support you with probation meetings for your staff and provide the documentation that you will need.

Induction Systems


It is vital that the start of a staff member’s employment is a positive experience to ensure they are successful. Implementing a structured and concise induction procedure will help you ensure that all the statutory obligations are achieved and will give you peace of mind that the correct training and guidance is provided. It will also help negate many issues that can arise during a person’s early relationship with your business. Allow us to help you implement a suitable system for you and your business so get in touch.

Performance Appraisals


A major asset of any business is their staff. Implementing a structured Performance Appraisal system is a sure way to boost the development of your staff and in turn ensuring you run an efficient, effective and profitable business. Performance Appraisals will also support your staff with Training and Development needs to ensure your team are motivated and continue to receive job satisfaction. Speak to us today and we will be able to customise a Performance Appraisal system which gets the best out of your team for the benefit of your business.

Management HR Training


At MoreThan HR we want to add value to your business and by training your management team is a great way to ensure that the systems in place in your business have a fantastic return on your investment. We can provide training to managers on any aspect of HR or even a complete overview of various legislations. We can also develop customised solutions specific to your business to help improve the overall performance of your team. Get in touch and let us know what your needs are and we are sure to find the right solution.

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